Kitty Cake Pops!

If you read my personal blog, you’ll know that I heart Bakerella and I actually got to meet here when she came to Toronto on her book tour.  I had tried unsuccessfully to make cake pops once, but this time I decided to take advantage of my Christmas holidays and some help with the family.  I bought a ton of candy melts from Michael’s and some lollipop sticks and took my book home for inspiration.

The first time we made them, we used chocolate cake and chocolate frosting, since that was all we had in the house.  I’m not a big chocolate cake fan (weird, huh?) and we had trouble keeping the candy melts thin enough to keep the cake pop’s surface smooth, but I thought it went pretty well for our first collective attempt.

Our second attempt, I used lemon poppy-seed cake (add poppy seeds to the lemon cake batter for a surprise, crunchy result) and vanilla frosting.  This time around, I decided to be a little more creative and added chocolate chips to some of the undipped cake balls for ears.  We also used vegetable oil to make the candy melts thinner and therefore easier to dip (although white was definitely the most co-operative colour).  Everyone was involved in this activity, even my brother, who is usually hard to drag out of his room.

I was inspired by the little owls Bakerella had made in her book and bought candy necklaces for the eyes.  Only to my surprise, it included more than just round candy, but also star and heart shaped pieces.  This made for many more decorating ideas.

My mom got tired of using the chocolate chips as ears, so she flipped some upside down and used the chips as legs.  These “turkey” cake pops turned out to be the cutest of the bunch!

My brother especially enjoyed painting hair on the dried cake pops with the remaining candy melts.  How cool does that look?

In the end though, as pretty as the cake pops were, we had to eat them.  I think that was the best part!

To find out more about making cake pops, I highly recommend checking out Bakerella’s website or purchasing her book.

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  1. its ur cousin ashlyn im going 2 make cake pops with one of my friends i hope it turns out good and do u have any decerating ideas for valentines day?

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