Thanksgiving at the Apple Farm

In my opinion, it’s not fall until you go to a pick-your-own apple orchid. This Thanksgiving, my Mom and Grandma flew down and took us visiting some family members, some of whom owns and operates an apple farm – Smiths’ Apples and Farm Market in Port Elgin.

This apple farm is open everyday from the beginning of September until the end of October. I don’t know how Micki and Steve do it. When we arrived early during Thanksgiving weekend (their busiest time), the place was already pretty busy. Steve always makes time to chat with everyone out front and Micki was also able to greet us, despite being super busy in the store and kitchen areas. We said a quick hello and grabbed a couple of wagons for apple picking.

Since we are big apple eaters, we brought along 2 large totes to fill up. My Mom and Grandma ended up taking them home on their flight, but Trevor and I ended up with 2 full cloth grocery bags.

The farm has lots of apple varieties, so we picked some Jonagold, Royal Gala (my person favourite) and some Aurora Golden Gala. We also picked up some delicious Honeycrisp, which are not for picking and are only available in their store.

What I love about the apples is how huge they are! I swear, one of their apples is like eating 2-3 grocery store apples and they taste so much better too!

After apple picking, there is plenty more to do on the farm. A couple of my younger cousins raced Trevor and I through the huge corn maze. Every year is a new theme and they make it challenging by placing clues throughout the maze based on the theme. This year was “Mythological Creatures.”

If you aren’t up for the larger corn maze, there is also a smaller toddler-sized hay maze and some pumpkins to sit and hang out by to catch your breath. If you bring little kids, I can guarantee that you will be trying to keep up with them throughout all the excitement.

Out of everything to do on the farm, my favourite place to visit is the bakery. Micki makes apple pies, pumpkin pies, muffins, apple cheddar scones, cookies, and anything else you can dream up.

This was my first year trying her pumpkin pie and it definitely does not disappoint!

Also if you want to make your own apple pie at home, you can purchase pre-made pie shells and roll-outs. How handy is that?

Besides apples and baked goods, there is lots more to purchase in the store. Pumpkins and squash, honey and jams, loose leaf tea (Mom bought some chocolate chai latte that smelled so,ooo good!), coffee beans, apple peelers, fudge, candy apples, you name it and it’s probably right there on the shelf!

There’s a few more weeks left in the season, so if you’re in the Southern Ontario area, take a day drive up to Port Elgin and visit the Smith Apple Farm.

Meanwhile, I’ll have to brainstorm what to do with all these apples in my fridge!

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  1. Love, love your blog! Fall is finally here on Beaty’s Creek too! What a great apple post!!!

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