Michael’s Basic Cake Decorating Class – Day 1

Update: Since writing this post, I’ve received a lot of comments about wanting to take or register for cake decorating classes. Please note that I do not offer cake decorating classes. If you are interested in taking these types of classes at Michael’s, I recommend contacting your local store.

A couple weeks ago, I went to what I thought would be my first Michael’s basic cake decorating class. Due to that unfortunate mix-up, I was put in the correct class which started last night. All I could think was “FINALLY!”

This time around, it was such a relief to arrive at the Michael’s store craft room and find people with the required sugar cookies laid out. Our class was all females with a nice mixture of ages and the instructor was wonderfully informed, chatty and super friendly.

The only dull thing was that the first class was, to put it mildly very boring. At least for me.

We started out by going through the Wilton’s booklet that came with the class (these babies are $25 at Bulk Barn, so I think that was a nice steal since the class was only $22). She went over the secrets to baking a good cake and how to make your own buttercream icing with shortening. It was good for a lot of people, but except for the odd little fact, this was nothing new to me. The instructor then pulled out a hand mixer and showed us how to make homemade icing and then we passed around the bowls of icing to compare the consistencies and which ones are used depending on if you are icing the cake or piping borders.

YAWN (I’m sorry).

Halfway through the 2 hour class, she then pulled out the piping bags (YES!) and we learned how to properly fill them without getting a mess everywhere (something I’m still working on). Cookie royal icing is way different than cake buttercream icing, so I think it was easier to get into the piping bag. I did learn that I need to recut my featherweight piping bags as my markings are a little off and that might make a difference in controlling my piping and why my tips are always a little wobbly.

Our instructor pulled out a plain vanilla cake that she made for the class and showed us how to level it with a cake leveler (we joked throughout the class about how everything she showed us was getting us on the Wilton’s brand) and then she filled the middle of the cake with icing and vanilla pudding. She iced the cake with the icing she showed us how to make and then showed us how to spread it with minimal crumbs.

For the rest of the class, we then got to use our piping bags with the star tip #18 and practice making stars on our practice board and our cookies that we brought. As a last sweet treat, our instructor cut up the cake she made and we each got to have a delicious slice.

Despite the slow start, it was a very good class. I felt totally in my element around other people interested in learning cake decorating. I also think its better that I start in the basics, even if nothing is really new to me right away. Nothing would be worse than being cocky and trying to take the next level class and feeling left behind and useless with icing leaking out of my piping bag.

Some great things I learned from the first class:

1). Lighter pans are better for baking cakes. It cooks more even and darker pans are more likely to burn the bottom of your cake.

2). Only fill your pans half-way with cake batter to prevent the top cake lump from forming (although this part is usually cut off later when you level the cake).

3). When measuring your piping bag with the coupler base, mark the bag against the first ridge where the tip screwed in and then cut it.

Next class we get to ice and decorate a cake with a cupcake design so we have to bring two batches of homemade buttercream icing (the Wilton’s recipe) and a round cake.

Looks like I need to buy a round cake pan for next week!

24 comments on “Michael’s Basic Cake Decorating Class – Day 1”

  1. Awesome!! I’m a new baker…trying to learn all the tricks. So glad I came upon your blog. I’m scheduled to take this same class over at Joann’s in April…i’m kinda excited!! Hope it’s not boring for me thou! Ok I’m off to your next blog post of your Day 2!!

    I created a new blog too over at Sweet Bakes Of Mine! Come over and stop by!

    I’m adding you to my sidebar so I can keep checking how your class goes!! Have fun!!


  2. Trying to learn about baking. Cupcakes , cookies and cakes for Masonic and eastern star organizations.

  3. I’m interested in beginner cake baking and decorating classes .

    • Hi Kim! If you are interested in taking beginner cake decorating classes at Michael’s, I recommend checking out your local store to see what they offer. Thanks!

  4. I am interested in cake decorations classes

    • Hi Faith! Thanks for the comment. If you are interested in cake decorating classes at Michael’s, please check out your local Michael’s craft store to see what they offer. Thanks!

  5. I am interested in cake decorations

  6. I’d like to sign up to take these classes in burlington nc plz

    • Hi Susan! Unfortunately, I can’t help you there, but I recommend checking out your local Michael’s craft store and seeing what kind of class they offer. Thanks!

  7. HI, i read about your experience of taking a class at the michael’s store I just wanted to ask if they provided you with the materials you need for the class in order to bake, when you payed for the class? Thank You for your help!

  8. I’m into baking & would love to take a class.

  9. Hello my name is Maria ,
    I was wondering if you can please let me know when you offer cake classes.

    • Hi Maria. Just a heads up, I do not offer cake decorating classes. If you are interested in taking classes through Michael’s, I recommend contacting your local store. Thanks!

  10. Hello
    I’m interested in taking the cake decorating classes. Could you please let me know when the next one starts and how do I register.

    • Hi Joanne. I do not offer any cake decorating classes. I recommend contacting your local Michael’s store if you are interested in taking classes through them.

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  13. I’m interested in taking class how do I sign up

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  15. Do you have cake decorating classes in Edmonton. How much are the classes.

  16. I would like to take cake decorating classes / baking could you please tell me where do you do your classes?, do you do your classes in Gaithersburg, Rockville or Germantown , please let me know, I’m interested in taking your classes

  17. I would like to take a basic cake decorating, I live in Sugarland, Tx

  18. My wife is very interested in taking your decorating classes. Can you please send me more info on how we can go about it.

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