Heat Wave

Hello fellow She Bakes Here readers. I’ve been really good at posting something at least once a week here since I started this website in January, but now due to this crazy summer weather (49 degrees with the humidex last week), I haven’t had the chance to bake anything.

We have an air conditioner in our apartment, but running it all the time would be crazy expensive, especially every time a baking idea hits me. I’ve been very good and I haven’t roasted us out of the apartment yet.

I have lots and lots in mind to bake and I even have three new and inspirational cookbooks on my way via Chapter’s online store (I discovered the remains of a giftcard in my wallet the other day), so don’t think I’ve abandoned you just yet. I may just have to take some time off from baking constantly so that our apartment can remain at a bearable temperature.

In the mean time, check out some of my favourite baking websites on the right hand side and I will be back in a few weeks when the weather is more tolerable.

2 comments on “Heat Wave”

  1. Yeah I know what you mean!! It’s been hot lately here in California. But I watched on the news that the East Coast has it really really bad!! I have the urge to bake something but like you said having the air conditioner on is just way toooooo $$$. But since I can’t bake…….why not do something crafty!! Got some crafty projects I’ve done over at my blog! :o)

  2. Ok, I’ll check your blog in September for new recipes.

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