Delicious and Easy Meringue Cookies

Nathan and I made these during my last few days at my parents’ during the holidays.  I think we were all “chocolated” out from Christmas, so these were a nice change of pace for dessert.

I got the recipe from Melissa at Mel’s Sweet Treats and she piped the meringue like one would icing on a cupcake.  I tried to do the same but the batter was a little runny.  According to Nathan, I didn’t beat the egg whites long enough.  Oh well, live and learn!

Nathan used my Mom’s Pampered Chef Easy Accent Decorator, which has a pump to squeeze out the icing in perfect little swirled circles.  He thought he was so clever, but what fun is baking if you can’t get elbow deep in sticky meringue batter?  (I’m still at the learning stages with grasping with the icing piping bag).

My tray was on top and Nathan’s on the bottom.  Despite looking different, they were very delicious and my family gobbled them up.  Only five remained the following morning.

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